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Diddly Pay Review

Diddle Pay Review


As all of you know that traffic is a critical part of digital marketing or internet business.

No one will get any sales or money without internet traffic. Therefore, traffic plays a critical role.

So, this could be the product for which many of the internet marketers, i.e., all digital marketers are waiting to grab.

Diddly is the viral payment system. It lets you pay with leads for the products they bought, instead of money.

The idea is that you set a product for ten leads. If a customer wants to buy that product, he/she must share the product with ten members.

In this way, traffic automatically increases with this type of scheme in this model the Diddly pay works.

The product also offers you a trial period, which is worth 3 dollars. You can experience the product in this trial period.

After the trial period, one should pay twenty dollars every month. Also, the product offers three different upsells.

The three different upsells are:

  1. ZP cash funnels DFY.
  2. ZP marketplace mogul.
  3. ZP super affiliate activator.

The price of ZP cash funnels DFY is $47, and the trial period of five comes with $1.

The price of the ZP marketplace mogul is $197, and the trial period offered as the flagship.

The price of the ZP super affiliate activator is $97, and the trial period of five days was there.

Features of Diddly pay:

The given points below describe the features of the Diddly pay.

  1. Diddly was a fantastic product with software that works virtually on any online niche.
  2. It is mostly used by a massive target market, thus generating more income than its competitors.
  3. The unique option named as “Pay by lead” is the special attraction of the product.
  4. As the application is cloud-based one need not download any file and waste their disk space.
  5. It is suitable to work for both the newbies and professionals in the digital market.
  6. The ready-made DFY list is present to make your work simple.
  7. It regularly conducts contests, in which you can earn up to 180 dollars.

Benefits of Diddly pay:

The given below lines describe the benefits of the Diddly pay.

  • The product the upsells for super sales, which will make the things work even more better.
  • The sales letter is written by expertise, thereby increasing the sales of the user.
  • Using this, you can blow your business and make super sales.
  • It works like a typical payment system with leads instead of the real money as the medium of transactions.
  • The products get more profits for you as it had loaded with fully automated checkout funnels.
  • Vendors or sellers can generate DP order buttons to make the work simple.


Thank you for spending your valuable time in reading my review article about the Diddly pay.

I hope the information provided is enough for you to make a decision regarding the product.

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SalesVideoCreator review


Ever wondered why students remember movie clips better than a lecture? 

That’s because we humans can remember things better when we see them; instead, we hear them.

Being an entrepreneur, you usually hope for a better sale of your product.

For better sales or a lead, you have to create a good sales video that doesn’t compromise on quality.

In that case, a SalesVideoCreator is the best solution to choose from many options out in the market.

It helps marketers to make fast and potent sales videos.

One can also make content for web-based seminar videos, which are trending these days.

You can paste the script whichever you want, and your video is ready.

Your sales video making is much more straight forward and easier now.


Have a look at the fantastic features given below.

You can’t just take your eyes off.

1.Addons: You can give the script and make a video, or you can make it more attractive by adding images and videos.

2.Text to Speech: SalesVideoCreator provides this flexible feature to convert your text into speech.

3.Download & Use: We always have situations when we are in an urgent need but have issues with the internet. But this problem is sorted out with a SalesVideoCreator as it downloads on our P.C or Mac, and you can use it whenever you want.

4.Music Tracks: It has several music tracks, and You can add a suitable one for your video.

5. Transitions: It has different transitions.

6.Webinar: In the case of webinars, it provides a feature where the presenter of the seminar is also visible in the video.


There are a lot of advantages with SalesVideoCreator as compared to other video tools. Let us see what they are

  • It is always preferable to choose specific than generic, as specific takes less time and gives more convenience. The other video tools increase ambiguity with different kinds of videos. But a SalesVideoCreator specifically focuses on sales videos.
  • Though you don’t have much experience, you can tackle this. Because its just a “generate” option to be chosen to make a video.
  • It decreases the task of the user. 
  • It costs more if you use other video tools or if you engage a person to do this for you.
  • You, in turn, can make videos and sell them.
  • There is no prerequisite to use this SalesVideoCreator.
  • If you want more videos, it just takes a few minutes to create them.
  • It provides video overlays too.
  • Video Sales Letter creation is of high quality.
  • The app is impressive because of the higher speed as compared to other video tools


The world is growing day by day, and we, in turn, wish to catch the pace of it. In a faster world like this, we can’t rely on tools that take a lot of time. And we can’t even compromise on quality. Because quality increases reliability in customers. SalesVideoCreator provides you both. And the cost is also reasonable.

“An early bird catches the worm” Go grab offers and discounts with early purchase.

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Passive Affiliate System Review

Passive affiliate system review


Andy Haffell, a YouTuber who has nearly two lakh subscribers, introduces a course where one can earn money online with or without producing its content and also by promoting products.

As you can understand from the title of the program, you will earn money as an affiliate marketer.

You’ll find affiliate programs and promote products with your videos. For every sale, you will make a commission.

Features of the affiliate system:

You need not have to purchase the course right away, you’ll instead have to sign up for the webinar, and some free information gets provided.

So, if you don’t buy the system, also you’ll end up with some knowledge of the system. Everything here sounds believable and stats look reputable.

No weird claims or false information had provided. Making money on YouTube is simple if followed few components,

1. Niche selection-information of how the channel got created and how to choose products for the promotion. 

2. Making the video- basics are taught in this section.

3. Generating traffic-this gives an idea about how to increase the subscriptions with rich content that people see-through. 

4. Outsourcing- helps in hiring people in each task. It is an easy process to understand and start applying.

All the lessons are in video format, and the process is beginner-friendly — course costs around $297, and it worth the money.

The best part is that it even has a 60-day guarantee where one can request for a refund if the product doesn’t meet the expectations. 

Benefits of passive affiliate system:

Everything about earning money on YouTube got narrowed down into a few stages.

The purpose of the Passive affiliate system is not to spend and spend months together generating income; instead, it is to create a system for a few videos which can be scaled.

It’s not a typical digital product that will use weird tricks to earn money, and it adds values to the visitors and buyers.

  • It is an investment that will help to build up the online business.
  • Publishing videos on YouTube is a fantastic way to earn money from each video over and over again.
  • Google AdSense can also get applied to the growth of the channel.
  • Quality training is provided; one will get instructions from a successful online marketer.
  • If you actually plan to apply the strategy of the given lessons, then the cost is less than $30 per month.
  • One can learn how to build a real online business, and they don’t provide any tricks that will fade away with the trend.
  • One can achieve any goals if taken action on this.


Andy created an easy to use strategy for people to help in online earning.

It has broken down into tiny pieces that everyone can apply them even with no experience and technical knowledge.

Also, if you don’t want to work, you can easily outsource the tasks. The price is not too low, as well as not too high.

Anyways it adds much value and is worth it to take up the course. The passive affiliate system is an excellent opportunity for people who want to earn online.

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Newscaster Vocalizer

NewsCasterVocalizer review

NewsCasterVocalizer is one of the revolutionary neural technology.

It delivers enormous improvements in the technology of speech quality, but there is a chance of increasing expressiveness and naturalness.

Naturalness and expressiveness are the two significant factors or essential factors of creating a great speech.

NewsCasterVocalizer can be adopted to generate the fully-features voice-overs that include neural voices.

The application is easy to use, supports the best quality, and comes with many bonuses.

People of all levels can use this software to personalize their skills on speech quality and use them accordingly.

Also, you will get a refund of your amount if the product will not satisfy your expectations.

About the creator:

NewsCasterVocalizer review was by Andrew Darius et al. He is a well-known digital marketer and software developer. He also developed the WaveNetVocalizer and Script Vocalizer with many more inventions.

Features: NewsCasterVocalizer Review:

NewsCasterVocalizer is the application with fantastic technology that will help you in the voice-overs and speech tracking and many more advanced features given below.

  1. The quality of the voice you can get is a high range of quality that impresses you and the audience.
  2. The speech quality of the NewsCasterVocalizer will be like the virtual assistants, which sounds impressive.
  3. There are so many voices of newscaster style that will help you to use them in a wide range of applications.
  4. The newscaster generated voices are so good that we can’t differentiate between the natural human voice and the voice produced by the NewsCasterVocalizer.
  5. It also delivers a large set of new voices periodically through the software.
  6. The software will provide the user with a text-to-speech engine, which is an advantage for many users who are on the path of digital marketing.
  7. You can make the voice-overs in a matter of seconds and have a chance to sell them online using many freelancing sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, etcetera.

Benefits: NewsCasterVocalizer Review:

  • NewsCasterVocalizer helps you in creating excellent, natural voice-over content for all your social channels and websites.
  • You have the chance to upload the video directly to the website free of cost.
  • The software allows you to download the video files to your local storage for early access.
  • NewsCasterVocalizer is the cloud-based application; therefore, it will not take your disk space in your personal computer or any mobile device.
  • As it contains a large set of human voices, including both male and female voices, the user has more flexibility in choosing the sounds.
  • The voice-overs you create in this software can be used by you directly on your social profile pages or anywhere else based on your necessity.
  • You can sell the voice-overs you have created and take 100% profits to your pockets.


Thank you so much for spending time in reading the NewsCasterVocalizer review.

I hope this will help you in detail with the usages and features of the software. Also, please take it to your cart before the product gets out of the early bird sale and charges you more than their usual sale price.

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Vocalizer-Bundle-2020 review



As a part of the product review of the Vocalizer bundle 2020, we are going to see about it.

Before going to buy this product, you must know many details regarding this Vocalizer bundle 2020 review.

What is the Vocalizer bundle 2020?

Vocalizer bundle 2020 is the application bundle, which gives the users a fully-features pack of voice-overs from any text using the direct access to the application program interface of Google and Amazon without spending much money on them.

Maybe you all know that the Vocalizer bundle 2020 is a pack of pivotal applications that empowers you to produce the full voice-overs from any content.

Vocalizer bundle 2020 will help you in getting to WaveNetVocalizer and NewCasterVocalizer for a very reasonable base price.

By paying half of the price, you can get any one of the vocalizers detailed above.

Also, Vocalizer Bundle 2020 is the group of packages that help you to create full voice-overs from any content utilizing the direct access to both Google and Amazon API by just pasting your content in it.

Who created Vocalizer Bundle 2020?

Andrew Darius et al. created this app bundle named as Vocalizer Bundle 2020. He is a well-known professional in digital marketing and also in software development.

In this app bundle, the applications have helped many of his customers with their services. 

Features: Vocalizer Bundle 2020 Review:

The vocalizer bundle 2020 is the many advanced applications with great features that are below.

  • You need not download this bundle as this is a cloud-based application that you can use from your internet-enabled gadgets like a personal computer, mobile phone, etcetera.
  • There is an option of trading your voice-overs in the Vocalizer, which is further used by any recording application.
  • The user can utilize voice-overs, and also can sell the voice-overs directly to avail benefits.

Benefits: Vocalizer Bundle 2020 Review:

The vocalizer bundle consists of many bonuses, including the following free items.

  • Fifty high definition video backgrounds.
  • YouTube cash on demand.
  • 150+ free high-quality music tracks.
  • WP video option.
  • WP magic page.
  • WP easy option pro plugin.
  • Video portfolio theme.
  • Graphics Blackbox.
  • Ten video thumbnails.
  • Fifteen DFY videos.
  • Video rank alliance.
  • Viral video box.
  • Video script.
  • SEO stone plugin.
  • Twenty background images.
  • Smart video sales letters.
  • Alchemy of video.
  • YouTube Bully 2 case study.
  • YouTube marketing made easy.
  • YouTube power slam V3.
  • Blueprint of video marketing.
  • Ultimate minisite templates.
  • YouTube video mastery.
  • Tube ads genie.
  • Video affiliate pro.
  • How to generate 1000+ views on YouTube?
  • WordPress SEO quick guide.


Thank you so much for spending time in reading the article of Vocalizer Bundle 2020 review.

I hope you have gained enough information regarding the bundle. Now, try to buy the product before the early bird discount goes off.


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Sqribble Review

Sqribble Review


Once upon a time, before twenty years, the internet came in to picture. At that time, many people were using portable document formats and e-books.

We can use many names like documents, guides, lead magnets, reports, etcetera titles for calling these document formats.

If you are thinking that creating videos take much time, then these portable documents or e-books are for you.

You can generate an information product to gain profits in these available document formats.

These formats are whitepapers can also be used in the generation of email list in the niche that you wanted.

Precisely, you can create an e-book of your topics such as business, finance, DIY’s, sports, health, etcetera.

Sqribble is one of the tools in which you can produce e-books with content automation to attract clients and leads.

Adeel Chowdhry created this Sqribble in November 2019 for the sake of marketers to help them in improving their production.

Sqribble comes with a refund policy of 30 days. In this period one can get their money back if they don’t like the product anymore.

For those who think video content creation is harder to do, they can create the document content for their work.

Features of Sqribble:

The Sqribble provides you the product with stunning features, that will be very useful and innovative for the content creation.

In the below set of lines, you can get the essential details and features of Sqribble.

  1. One can quickly come up with an idea of a report or an e-book in a matter of seconds.
  2. They provide more than fifty templates under 15 niche categories for users to do their tasks more efficiently.
  3. The product comes with a free commercial license, so the customer doesn’t need to purchase the commercial license again.
  4. Users will get the agency rights, i.e., with the original application, they can get the entire design agency.
  5. Customers can take the training as if he/she was a beginner or doesn’t know much about the application.
  6. The training includes interactive lessons and procedures with picturizations that make the user make most out of the application.

Benefits of Sqribble:

The set of lines below represent the benefits of Sqribble.

  • The Sqribble is easy to use with a simple point and click software technology.
  • It provides more than 50 templates under different categories with stunning designs.
  • One can create amazing e-books, whitepapers, documents, and reports in a matter of minutes.
  • The automated engine provides you the best and specific content instead of writing by yourself.
  • This package includes an individual portfolio to impress the clients to get engaged with your site or any niche.
  • You can upload your document from the storage and let the Sqribble extract and write the information from it.


As mentioned above, the Sqribble has many marvelous features and benefits to fit in the user requirements. Thank you so much for reading my review about the Sqribble, and I hope you got some beneficial information regarding it.


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Salehoo Review


If you are looking to set up a wholesale or a drop shipping model for your e-commerce business, Salehoo is one of the best sources.

The main difficult part of selling online is finding a niche and finding customers.

Salehoo finds the drop shippers who are reliable as well as cheap to resell items with profit.

Salehoo contains the wholesalers and drop shippers, which help get good quality products over a wide range with the lowest prices with super speedy delivery.

Scroll down to look into the features of Salehoo to understand its use in a better way. We will look into the benefits of Salehoo to gain more information to understand it.

Features: Salehoo Review

We can look into the features of the Salehoo to know in detail regarding its functions.

  • Wholesale Suppliers

The wholesale supplier tool gives a variety and extensive suppliers. 

In their listing, you can see the wholesale prices for the branded items.

It also helps to look up to the profit for the product you sell.

With a few clicks, you can select the products as its specially designed for the members.

  • Dropshipping Suppliers

Salehoo also provides suppliers for drop shipping.

However, the suppliers assessing and verified the platform, which is a trustworthy one.

To avoid scams, you can use Salehoo to have uninterrupted services for dropshipping.

In the dropship supplier platform, you can see the information like shipping specifications, reviews, product range, contact information regarding how shipping, and where shipping will do.

  • Dashboard

The dashboard of the Salehoo is very easy in learning and navigation.

The integrated platform has all the things that you require for easy navigation.

The supplier’s transaction will save. So, you can save the suppliers you want to work again. It helps to avoid searching again and again.

  • Market Research

Always finding a niche filtered is difficult. Salehoo helps to find a niche that is having fewer competitors.

They use competition data and sell rates as that will help you to choose products for selling.

  • Support and Training

Salehoo not only provides a platform, but it will also provide support and training.

You can reach the support team via email, telephone, or live chat.

The training will strengthen the offers a business guide with step by step procedure guides in variant marketplaces.

Benefits: Salehoo Review

You can go through the below information to understand the benefits of Salehoo

  • It is providing uninterrupted customer support through live chat, email, telephonic.
  • It has many suppliers, and you can choose a supplier of your choice.
  • The contact information of the supplier can save, and the transactions made also saves into your account.
  • The training helps you to learn a lot more.
  • There are no hidden charges.
  • The market research access is available

Conclusion: Salehoo Review

The Salehoo review helps you to choose the sellers wisely. You can choose the products in looking for wholesale prices. We hope the features of Salehoo will surely help you to grow your eCommerce business.


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AffiliBots Review

AffiliBots Review

                <br><br>AffiliBots gives you 17 different “BOTS” to help you gain commissions in various NICHES from all the top Affiliate marketplaces. There are 600 affiliate programs to promote in AffiliBots every month across WarriorPlus,Amazon, ClickBank &amp; JVZoo.
                <br><br>The software will find you the Top Selling Products Daily. This helps you target the most popular, the idea behind it is regarding what people are searching on any given day. This will increase you chances to sell these very popular items.
                <br><br>The software builds you websites in seconds to help you achieve this. There are 100 done-for-you templates, including web pages, affiliate promotions and more. It also in ! click creates a dozen video pages, squeeze pages and a landing page.
                <br><br>The last step is traffic which is done with Rapid Rank Video Software for Google and YouTube. You simply import some script with one click and hit go. All very straight forward. There are 24 different features to help you and lots of training for seasoned and newbies to affiliate marketing. 
                <br><br><strong>Plus… Claim your FREE Bonus is you buy AffiliBots now!</strong>
                <br><br>Click Bank Marketing Expert. An In depth guide to ClickBank Marketing. Value $20 
                <br><br>One of the biggest affiliate sites is Click Bank. This bonus gives you an insight to how to make it all work for you the way you want it too. Becoming an expert on the marketing within it will help you greatly.
                <br><br><a href=""><img src="" style="margin: 0 auto"></a>

Explaindio elements review

Explaindio was the most popular tool in the market.

For many years it was growing and strengthening its roots in its respective fields.

It is the most comprehensive content video creator.

But, the price of the software increases according to the features provided with the software.

As the price is high, don’t think that purchasing it tough.

Each penny spent on this is worth its value as they provide features accordingly.

Explaindio is like a new wave of hand sketch videos with animations for internet marketing.

It helps more in boosting user engagement.

It is useful to make the work more comfortable to use the video with a video hotspot feature.

The interface of the software design perfect for making it user-friendly and comfortable for its users.

Animations, doodles, live-motion videos, and picturization videos are so much popular among the elements of Explaindio.

Explaindio video content creation system will start from the elements of Explaindio with the identical periodic club.

The video software was straightforward to use and having a very minimal learning curve to make a video.

With the Explaindio elements, you can create the videos to generate more leads, sell, and engage with the customers.

Features of Explaindio elements:

The Explaindio comes with very exceptional features that list is down the line.

  • Text animation attracts a more significant number of customers, the package of over 180 text animation templates come with the software.
  • There are more than three hundred fonts in the application.
  • To make your videos look richer, they provide hundred full high definition background videos.
  • Five hundred doodle images of both black and white colors come in the bundle.
  • More than 200 pre-done scene templates that are customizable as per your contents like text, images, videos, colors, etc.
  • The quality of the application was quite good to make the users work comfortably.
  • The app provides adequate response support for its customers.
  • The users of all levels can use this app to create entertaining and excellent video content.

Benefits of Explaindio elements:

Explaindio comes with many benefits to satisfy its customers to the extent. Check out the benefits of the video content creator in the below lines.

  1. The Explaindio elements don’t require experience, as it had a simple user interface.
  2. You can create simple but also great videos using the video content creator in the application.
  3. To grab the attention of the valuable customers, you have a chance of creating stunning whiteboard videos with the help of the application.
  4. Anyone can create motion video promos and ad videos easily with Explaindio.
  5. The vast options were provided by Explaindio, like creating explainer videos and many more profit-making choices.
  6. The pack comes with the commercial license included in it by default, which means you need not purchase the commercial license anymore.


The special offer is available for a very little time, go and grab the deal. The software application needs just a minimum of 4GB RAM for every operating system. Thank you so much for reading the review of Explaindio elements.


Check Explaindio elements Here Now

Viral Video Monetizer  review

Viral Video Monetizer 2.0 Review


Viral video monetizer is the best and latest software for making money online through videos.

The advantage of the software is to spread or share the news or any offers or affiliate links through social media in the form of free videos.

Through this, one can get high affiliate commission and subscriber lists quickly.

The money-making is easy with this viral video monetizer by sharing the content videos through social media.

This software is cloud-based software, so this saves the disk space in your personal computer by making the things work online.

Every video on YouTube can generate hundreds of dollars, but the thing is how great the video was.

Affiliate marketing is an effective method, i.e., promoting products from Amazon, JVZoo, Click bank, etcetera.

By sharing videos from YouTube on social pages like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etcetera, you can generate regular and potential income.

Features of viral video monetizer 2.0:

The package of this software includes many innovative and extraordinary features, which will blow up your mind. Check the below lines for knowing the features of this software.

  1. The package consists of instant viral cash 2.0 software, which is free, and also it is a cloud-based software.
  2. Video tutorials in the package help you in guiding about software usage.
  3. Users can get free software updates periodically.
  4. Developer license and user rights are not limited up to a scale for any user. Every user can get a free developer license.
  5. Bonus downloads get provided for the user who takes this viral video monetizer 2.0.
  6. They’ll provide a quick start guide for quick procedure queries.
  7. One can get the whole money as a refund if the person does not like the product within 30 days period.

Benefits of viral video monetizer 2.0:

The more you know the benefits of the product, the more you know about the product. The benefits of the product are listed below.

  • With this software, you don’t require any website or paid hosting.
  • Even a beginner can do great work, as no technical knowledge is necessary.
  • You don’t require any WordPress plugins.
  • You don’t get hassle for script installation as the procedure was so easy, even for the newbie.
  • Any setups like PHP or Database setup is not required.
  • You need not pay for the traffic, or you can say that no paid traffic is required.
  • Downloading, installing, and setup processes are not required as the software product is cloud-based.
  • Every shareable video on YouTube can earn you money if you use this viral video monetizer software 2.0.
  • The package of viral video monetizer includes many tutorials and bonus downloads.
  • Bonus downloads and tutorials help you in following the procedure for using its tools effectively.


Thank you so much for reading this review of viral video monetizer 2.0. The report gives you a brief idea about the viral video monetizer 2.0 software. You can make a choice based on the details provided above and your requirements.


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