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12 Minute Affiliate Review

12-Minute Affiliate Review

Affiliate marketing is one of the assured ways of making online money and also the easiest way, only if you have the right knowledge to make decisions.

No matter whether you are a freelancer or video creator or content writer, you can make money online based on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting other products or programs for a profit or a slice of commission.

You don’t require any practice or should not invest thousands of dollars in creating a product for making money through affiliate marketing.

One needs an extra advantage to stand out from the other competitors in the market for affiliate marketing.

12-minute affiliate marketing got developed by David Sloan and Devon Brown for both beginner and expert/professional.

A 12-minute affiliate is an extra advantage for marketers if one needs to start with affiliate marketing.

There are so many courses regarding affiliate marketing on the internet and many teaching sites. But you need to understand that those are a waste of time and a waste of money.

Because, as they are too expensive and time-consuming procedures. The 12-minute affiliate goes in a straight and straightforward process.

Features of 12-minute affiliate:

The features provided with the 12-minute affiliate are as follows.

  1. The 12-minute affiliate is the revolutionary system that makes the process simple.
  2. It makes the process of earning online commissions through affiliate marketing more accessible than anything.
  3. The product doesn’t demand you to create a product, host a website, or copy write.
  4. The money can be made online through the affiliate networks like Warrior Plus, JVZoo, and ClickBank with this 12-minute affiliate.
  5. You can promote the pre-selected products online even though if you don’t have any idea.
  6. It gives access to some limited templates which are high in their benefits to suit the customer needs.
  7. You can find a checklist to get started and make money online.
  8. The money-making system is the automated process in it.
  9. In the education center, new training sessions get added by Devon regularly.

Benefits of 12-minute affiliate:

The benefits play a crucial role in making decisions for purchasing any product. You can see the benefits in the below-given lines.

  • The program of 12-minute affiliate uses a done for you system that can do anything for you to get the profits.
  • The options of auto-responder or automated emails make your tasks easier.
  • You can expect the expensive upsells with this 12-minute affiliate.
  • You can activate the 12-minute affiliate funnels to customize the things according to you.
  • The funnels are hosted in your account using the pre-defined programs, and you don’t need additional hosting services.


Thank you so much for reading the review regarding this 12-minute affiliate. I suggest a 12-minute affiliate as a quick and straightforward process for those who wanted to start an affiliate marketing.

Making money is simple with this if you put some knowledge. I hope you have the information you need about the product.

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Clickbank University 2.0 review

Clickbank created Clickbank University 2.0, which helps affiliates and vendors make the sales of their dreams.

Adam Horowitz and Justin Atlan are one of the first people to make it big with Clickbank by bringing in over millions of dollars in sales.

They will be present in your webinars to guide you through the whole process.

Grow your Clickbank business rapidly with the help of industry experts and the massive Clickbank University community.

With Clickbank University 2.0, you’ll be able to make sales every month on demand.

Get access to webinars, massive discounts, and so many more exclusive tools with Clickbank University 2.0.

Make your side-income or full-time income using Clickbank. Let Clickbank University 2.0 hand out your plan for success.

Learn from experts like Gary Vaynerchuck (Co-Founder & CEO, VaynerMedia), Abel James (New York Times Bestselling Author), and Matt O’Connor (World-Class Direct Response, Copywriter and Conversions Expert).

Clickbank University 2.0 is just Clickbank university with plenty of exciting new features.

Features of Clickbank:

  • Access to webinars (Weekly expert classes).
  • Communicate with the entire Clickbank University community.
  • Live events at discounted prices.
  • It provides complete access to two separate training tracks, i.e., Clickbank Affiliate Mastery and Clickbank Product Publishing.
  • With Citibank University 2.0, you can choose if you want to get started promoting other people’s products or your products.
  • Program 1 shows you how to create your product and get it listed on the Citibank marketplace.
  • Program 2 shows you how to act as affiliates to vendors. Promote their products and boost sales.
  • Use Add-on training to focus on a specific area of marketing.
  • Clickbank toolkit that will provide tutorials and all the essentials you need to get started. Find out exclusive deals before others.
  • The traffic center: Get access to modules that teach you how to generate the traffic you want — training provided in tutorials.
  • It has the knowledge and tactics of over 1,000 millionaires created by Clickbank university.

Benefits of Clickbank:

  • Take part in private events held by Clickbank and get exclusive deals at reduced prices.
  • Get the opportunity to learn from industry experts.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee assures you of its quality. It allows you to request a refund if you are not satisfied with the world-class training provided.
  • There has been a 100% success rate in the Clickbank community so far.
  • Every dollar donated is used to grant education to children under the Pencils of Promises’ programs.
  • Get information on customers and demographics that apply to your customers.
  • It gives ample time to work on every step with week-by-week training. Take your time by putting in only a few hours each week.


Clickbank University 2.0 gives you the chance to be your best version. It allows you to be your leader and ultimately assures your success. Over 100,000 people have found success on the Clickbank platform, and it wants you to be a part of them.

The 30-day money-back guarantee assures you that you will not leave disappointed. Choose your passion, work on your niche, and pick the perfect product to start your very own success story.

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Commission hero


Before you enter a new field, it is always better to take the advice of the people who already experienced it.

The road to success is never smooth. You have to face challenges before you eat the fruits of your hard work.

If you want to enter the field of online marketing, first, you need to know how to survive in that domain.

Commission hero is an online marketing course by a marketer who is ranked number one by ‘Clickbank.’

Through video lectures, he clearly explains how earning money becomes easy.

Though it is expensive, it is worth paying because you will have direct interaction with the trainer.

The trainer or creator of the course warns you not to make the mistakes that he did when he was a beginner. That helps you to take care of even minute things.

People who are getting trained from the Commission hero on posting screenshots of their earnings is motivating the newcomers of Commission hero.

Features: –

Features of this marketing course are like eye feasting to newbies.

Go ahead and have a look at why you should be opting for Commission hero.

1.Tutorials: You get access to clearly explained tutorials that are easily understandable even to beginners.

2.Time flexibility: As the lectures are live interactions, you can have access to the videos, whenever you are free and whenever you wish to.

3.Geography: who can access the tutorials? Anyone from any corner of the globe can access the tutorials.

4.Secret package: It contains more tips and tricks and is a bag of secrets.

5.Duration: The duration of the course is less when compared to others, and you can start marketing right after completion.

6.Ads: You can easily access images as well as advertisements.

Benefits: –

The following are the benefits of the Commission hero.

  • An ordered arrangement of video lectures gives a clear understanding without any ambiguity.
  • Only members are allowed to join the Facebook group, and if you have any queries or if you are in trouble, you can interact with the other members of the group or the trainer itself.
  • You can get a lot of tips and tricks just in a short period. But you should have some prior knowledge of Search Engine Optimization.
  • It is a faster and smarter way of earning.
  • There is a cashback guarantee policy too.
  • It focuses on weak areas to make pillars reliable, right from the start.
  • The creator of this course always feels free to interact with you, answer your queries, and troubleshoot your problems.
  • There is one-one interaction between you and the creator of the course.
  • Beginners get a friendly response from the trainer.
  • The trainer gives you suggestions for choosing the correct image for marketing and helps you handle different kinds of troubles.


Nowadays, affiliate marketing is everywhere because of its ability to help you make more money in a short period. But straightly entering into this field may be risky some times. To avoid risks, it is better to have assistance from courses like Commission hero.

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